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Alex Bould
Agilist & Traction Catalyst

Expert in Reducing Time to Market

Alex brings his 20+ years’ experience of designing and implementing large scale operational transformations and his 8+ years’ experience as an Agilist and Innovator to implementing Agile Practices at Scale. 
As an Agile Transformation Leader Alex works with Project Sponsors and Company Leaders to build the business case, the governance model and the benefits realization plan that justifies and validates continued investment in the program.
A typical program is constructed as a series of sprints where each sprint implements interventions (tools, training or coaching) intentionally designed to impact the performance of the end-to-end value stream, as measured by time to market. 
As an Enterprise Agile Coach (and as an accomplished software developer and designer of products) his work with Product Owners and Development Teams is grounded in his real world experience of what it takes to deliver product increments that delight customers and in what it takes to reduce Time To Market. (A natural byproduct of dealing effectively with reducing time to market is improved predictability, a reduction of defects in production and reduced developer turnover.)

Expert in Reducing Time to Product/Market Fit

Of special interest to Alex is creating conditions that foster innovation and reduce time to product/market fit.  Using the constructs of Design Thinking and the methods of Lean Startup, Alex trains and coaches Company Leaders, Product Owners and Development Teams in systematically validating assumptions with in-market experiments as products move from problem/solution fit to product/market fit to scale.

Creating Pathways for your Agile Playbook

The playbook for Agile Practices - just like any system used for organizing how people work together - has assumptions built into its design about the environment in which it operates. A critical aspect of implementing an Agile Playbook is identifying and dealing effectively with the gap that exists between the assumptions that the Agile Playbook makes about the environment its designed to operate in, and the environment as it actually is.

Alex is masterful at closing this gap by creating pathways for teamwork, partnership and accountability - the human systems aspects of having the Agile Playbook work and the promise of Agile fulfilled.


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