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"I had the pleasure of working with Scott and Alex on a large scale Agile transformation engagement. Scott and Alex practice what they preach and led us by example. They exemplify partnership and teamwork and left a lasting positive impact on our organization. I would highly recommend this dynamic duo for your large scale transformation."

Meeta Vyas (Enterprise Agile Coach)

"Scott and Alex introduced a team of coaches, that I was a part of, to the concept of Playbooks and Pathways in a large enterprise coaching engagement. Through this work I experienced their ability to get directly to the core of what a group of people are struggling with and help them see the impediments that were holding them back. The coaching team which was operating on a roll-out the playbook, stimulus package driven approach, started operating from a help the business owner close the performance gaps and meet their goals. Our eyes were opened to how we were viewing our customers as “problems” and we started to see what they were struggling with. This lead to business owners requesting our help instead of asking us to go away and leave them alone."

Wes Williams (Enterprise Agile Coach)

"As an Agile coach I've seen good Agile Transformations and not so good Agile Transformations.  Sadly many, many more of the latter where it's not the organization that is transformed by Agile and achieves phenomenal performance, but instead the organization transforms Agile into something it's not and then blames Agile for failure.  I was sick of this, and frustrated, until I met and worked with Scott and Alex.

Scott Forgey and Alex Bould  between them have the capacity for bringing about radical business transformation.  I worked with them both at PayPal then in an ongoing coaching circle with coaches working in many organizations.  Alex is a master of modeling business structure and process with simplicity and clarity, Scott has the ability to lead business people to the source of creating their own success.  Both of them have the remarkable ability to see and sense what's occurring in the space between people, between teams, and throughout organizations that's invisibly undermining effectiveness - and then transforming it, causing results, increasing performance, and improving organizational health.  Said another way, they are fitness trainers for organizations! I've seen them:

  • Bring clarity and purpose to strategic plans, mitigating the risk of millions of dollars being wasted
  • Help organizations distinguish practical categories of investment, allowing fine tuning of financial planning, hitherto out of control
  • Have teams that were at war and producing no results suddenly see how to collaborate and achieve "impossible" work swiftly
  • Reveal performance gaps and distinguish what was working in the past, but not in the present, and what was needed to be created to cause breakthrough effectiveness

Most importantly, they can teach all this to others.  I thought I was a good coach until I met them! They taught me what an authentically good coach actually can do to prepare the soil in which the seeds of Agile can flourish and bear the delicious and nutritious fruit we're all after."

Andrew Webster  (Enterprise, Executive, and Personal Agile Transformation Coach, Trainer, Chief Cook and Bottle-Washer)

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